About Us

Newtown-Harris R-III is a small, rural school in northern Missouri. We are located in the town of Newtown, MO, about 10 miles from the Iowa border. Our student population is approximately seventy students in grades K-12.

Newtown-Harris prides itself on its student-centered philosophy and a strong tradition of school pride and academic success.


Reaching for opportunities to achieve rigorous goals for a better school and community.

Philosophy of Education

Public education is a joint responsibility of the profession, the public, and their representatives. We realize that the Board of Education, Administrators, and Classroom Teachers have a common goal; the best possible education for the students that attend Newtown-Harris R-III Elementary and Secondary School.

We must recognize that the American Public School System is peculiarly our own; that is was developed to fit our needs. We believe that is must be a flexible system, adaptable to the needs of various localities and able to meet challenging conditions. We must recognize that education is not static; that we must keep abreast of changing times, constantly recognizing new needs, constantly seeking new methods of achieving our goals, yet not rushing blindly out on untried pathways.



Newtown-Harris R-III High School is a partnership of professional and compassionate staff, students, family, and community dedicated to a vision of becoming an environment...

...that teaches and practices appropriate social and behavioral skills

...that ensures academic success for all students based on Missouri Learning Standards

...that develops self-motivated, life-long learners